True Bread Properties, Inc. is a debt-free real estate investment company with an investor-based cash system for buying, renovating, and re-selling homes for profit.  Taking advantage of today’s economic climate and housing market, this company is doing what those in the media would have you believe is impossible… selling houses fast! READ MORE>>

In 2002, the Davises bought and moved into a completely run-down 1912, double-lot estate home in the South Tabor neighborhood of SE Portland.  They bought it for a hand-shake at a garage sale and spent the next two years completely renovating it. READ MORE>>

Check out our Project Gallery to see completed projects. Here you can see "before" and "after" pictures as well as find profit summary sheets with investor return information.


“True Bread Properties delivers a great product and has been out performing my other investments steadily since November of 2007. I have been very pleased with the their efforts.”        - J. Peters, Portland, OR

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Phone: 503-481-2597 // Damascus, OR  97089 //

True Bread Properties, Inc. accepts cash assets from first-time savers and savvy investment professionals.  Investor funds are used to purchase, rehab, and re-sell homes, and the profit is split among the investors proportionate to their contribution to the project.  True Bread Properties’ investors have experienced consistent return since the company’s inception. READ MORE>>

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